Visual Appeal Is Still The Most Important Marketing Factor

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First Impressions Count – Tips For Successful Visual Marketing

With competition as high as ever, how can you get your product noticed? Strong visual marketing is the key to making an impact and improving your sales.

It takes milliseconds for someone to form an initial impression of something. It could be a person, a house, a website or a new product. Those precious milliseconds could mean the difference between a consumer buying your product or walking away. As far as labelling your product, you’ve got a limited amount of space to make the right impact.

Competition is high. There could be dozens of similar products occupying the same shelf space as yours, so it’s crucial to get the packaging and labelling right, which is why the most successful businesses hire the services of label printing companies.

So what’s the key to successful visual marketing and how can you make your product stand out from the competition? Read on to find out.

Be Clear

A consumer will take seconds to gaze over an entire supermarket shelf displaying the same types of products. The average time they then take to consider a particular product is just 4 seconds. In those few seconds they want to immediately know what the product is, what it does and identify a clear, recognisable brand name. Don’t rely on vague and abstract labelling. Consumers don’t have time to try and work out what a product is. Keep you labelling clear, simple and easy to read.

Be Honest

It’s tempting to get carried away with using exaggerated versions of your product to entice consumers to buy. The image on your label needs to be relevant to the actual product and bear resemblance to what’s inside. Promising something you can’t deliver misleads the consumer, resulting in disappointment and delusion. You’ll lose customer trust and they’ll be wary of buying your products. Misleading images are bad for your sales, your brand image and the credibility of your business.

Be Original

Competition is high so in order to get noticed, your product needs to stand out from competitor brands. Coming up with an original design takes thought, creativity and a good amount of market research. Try unconventional sources of inspiration and think outside the box. Be bolder and braver than your competitors by going against the trends. If photography is trending, use illustrations. If contemporary designs are in, go for vintage or retro.

Original and distinctive packaging will give you that all important ‘shelf impact’ and help your product jump off the shelf.

Choose An Adaptable Design

If your label is designed for one specific product, you’re making it difficult to find room for variations, in other words, other flavours and varieties of the same product. Forward thinking will help you with the original design. It can then be adapted easily when introducing new varieties while still maintaining your company brand.

Choose The Right Type Of Labelling

The label displays essential information about your product such as ingredients, nutritional values, provenance, safety information, manufacturer information and use by dates. Choose quality labelling that is easy to read, smear proof and durable.

Thermal transfer labels offer a high quality, refined image that’s long lasting and resistant to environmental conditions, temperature extremes and water, oil and chemical contact. Thermal transfer printing also produces a clear, accurate and well-defined barcode that’s easy to scan.

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