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Good Web Design is Essential to Build Your Online Presence

There are so many things to consider when developing your online business, but nothing matters without a professional web design.

The business of managing and developing your online presence can sometimes seem overwhelming. Search engine optimisation, mobile friendly design, the right links and social media content are just a few of the phrases that will be flying around your head, and you might be asking yourself where on earth to start.

Thankfully, that is one question that is easy to answer. It is impossible to leverage any of the above without a good website, so effective web design must be the foundation on which everything else can be built.

From a simple website with just a few pages to a major e-Commerce site, one Essex based web designer says there are some common factors that are key to designing the perfect website.


The world of web design and SEO is one that is constantly evolving, yet one thing has never changed. Content is always key. Fresh, interesting and engaging content is the number one factor that will attract visitors and search bots alike, improving SEO, repeat visits, conversion rates and social media shares.


It is all very well having fresh and engaging content, but unless it is presented in an attractive way, the sad truth is that nobody is likely to look at it. In this respect, the design of the website can have the same impact on a company as clothes can on an individual.

Your website is very much your online “shop front.” Done well, it can attract new customers and improve your or your company’s image. But done badly, it can have a damaging effect, driving customers away, just like an ugly or dilapidated shop in the physical world.

User Experience

This is an extremely broad term, but it is also of critical importance. Known in the industry as “UX,” it can be defined as the level of satisfaction that your website provides to its visitors. This “human” aspect is always at the forefront of the best web designers’ minds.

UX is a factor in every part of your web design. It means pages that are easy to navigate and that work equally well from mobile or desktop devices. It also means that the site looks great and provides what visitors are looking for – showing how UX is intertwined with content and appearance, as described above.

Calls to Action

Spend more than five minutes talking to an expert in online marketing or SEO and you will soon hear the phrases “conversion rates” and “click through rates.” These are the metrics that define success, meaning that visitors are doing what you want them to do – whether that is to purchase something, click on another link, complete a form or perform some other action.

Calls to action are the prompts that lead to conversions. They are those tempting buttons that invite you to “find out more” or to “buy now” or to “contact us.” The best calls to action are carefully designed so that they are attractive to visitors. The worst can be the online equivalent of a pushy salesman with his foot in your door.

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