What Are Burglars Looking For When They Scope Out Your Home?

Learn How To Think Like A Burglar To Protect Your Property

As the chances of convicting a burglar are shockingly low, it’s important to make sure this type of crime doesn’t happen to you in the first place!

With news that repeat burglaries have been on the rise in the UK throughout 2019, it’s reported that this is happening due to organised gangs exploiting the lack of police response to this type of crime. In particular, the percentage of victims who have been targeted between two to four times in the past year is up by 26%. With only a one in thirty chance of a burglar being caught, and a disturbing one in fifty chance of being a personal victim of a domestic robbery, it’s critical that homeowners do whatever they can to dissuade this type of distressing attack. This begins with understanding the thought process of a burglar when they look to scope out your property.

Don’t Advertise Your Whereabouts

If burglars know that your property is vacant for a few days, it becomes an easy target. Couple this with the knowledge that your neighbours are also away, which may be likely during peak holiday season, and this quickly turns into an open goal for opportunists. To stop criminals from knowing your whereabouts, make sure you don’t keep your calendar within view of any windows, consider asking friends or family to move your bins back after a weekly collection, and set up timers for your lights to give the appearance that someone is home. Nowadays, our social media activity also gives away a lot about our personal lives, so try to avoid posting status updates until you’ve returned home from your travels.

Secure Your Doors and Windows

Whilst it might be fairly obvious that open doors and windows are an easy means of access for a burglar, you might be surprised by how easily thieves can get in without a key. Make sure that you don’t leave your key in the back door when you go out, nor should you leave a set on a hall table which could be retrieved using a hook through the letterbox. It’s also essential that you never leave a spare key of any type under the doormat, in a flowerpot or anywhere else outside of your home.

If you’re planning to secure your property with new fittings, make sure a front door has a five-lever mortise deadlock which meets the required standards of BS 3621, whilst the windows should comply with BS 7950 for best practices.

Install An Alarm

Alongside security lights to illuminate the work of thieves who are attempting to operate under the cover of darkness, a security alarm is an essential strategy to deter thieves from targeting your property. An intruder alarms Essex team notes that 7 out of 10 homes in the UK do not currently have a live security alarm installed, which is a mistake as just the presence of this installation can mean the difference between thieves attacking your property or moving on elsewhere. A burglar alarm is also a necessity for some insurance companies to offer you cover, so this is another reason to ensure that the latest tech keeps your home protected 24/7.

Now that you know how to think like a burglar, take a walk around the exterior of your home to track any vulnerabilities that may exist, and take swift steps to fix them! Don’t wait for a burglary to happen to you – begin safeguarding your property today!

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