What is Grab Hire? How it will Help in Waste Management

Waste management continues to be a major problem for various industries in the UK and across the world. It’s not easy to get rid of waste the proper way when the quantity of the waste is large or when you produce that waste in close intervals. Most people are used to the skip hire waste disposal methods but there is a better way. Grab hire is quickly becoming the preferred methods of waste collection as people are increasingly becoming aware of its effectiveness and other benefits. The methods is proving to be the most responsible way for industries producing large amounts of waste to handle that waste.

Grab hire

Grab hire is a method that uses grab lorries to collect waste. Grab lorries are made with the capacity to hold large quantities of waste products and they also have a handle for placing the waste into the tank. The design of these lorries make them perfect for bulky waste such as cement, sand, muck, soil and concrete. Grab hire can also be used to collect general household rubbish as well as green rubbish like hedge trimming or grass cutting. You can easily find a grab hire company to handle your waste wherever you are including Essex and you won’t have to worry about loading the waste yourself or waiting for them to pick the waste on specific days.

Grab hire in waste management

For those in Essex, one of the reasons why grab hire Essex is important in waste management is the ability to clear waste in one go. This increases the efficiency and ease with which waste is collected and disposed of. They also have the ability to reach over small walls and fences to grab waste. As such, you don’t have to worry about how you’ll transport the waste to a more accessible place for them.

Grab hire companies are also eliminating the need for you to acquire temporary storage space for the waste as you wait for them to be collected. Sometimes a permit is required for the temporary storage space which means you spend extra money. Grab hire Essex saves you that money by collecting the waste immediately you call them.

You can always call a grab hire company anytime you need them even if it’s multiple times in a day. You therefore don’t have to keep waste around your place of work if it’s a construction site or your home. This doesn’t just improve safety of those working or living around the area, it also makes it easier for work to continue effectively. You also don’t have to wait for the waste to pile up like you would with a skip hire method. Grab hire Essex can collect as much or as little waste as you want.

Other reasons why grab hire is better for waste management include:

  • It is safer than skip hire waste collection method
  • The operation is usually faster which means that in under 30 minutes you can have all your waste gone.
  • It is more cost effective than other waste disposal methods.


Whether you have domestic waste or commercial waste, grab hire companies in Essex will be of great help. You can get rid of your waste at a cheaper price in a much better way.


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