What Will Your Caravan Staycation Look Like This Year?

How Does Social Distancing Work At Caravan Sites?

As Brits head back to their favourite caravan destinations, there are a few differences in store post-lockdown.

If 2020 is perfect for anything, then it’s for being the year of the caravan staycation. After some turbulent times, what better way to treat yourself with a short break in the UK? Although there are still some restrictions in place, a caravan staycation will allow you to enjoy a change of scenery whilst travelling to some spectacular parts of the country. Here’s what to expect from your next break.

Where To Go

This year’s caravan staycation will begin with deciding where to go for your trip. If you already own a static, then you can simply head back to your caravan park of choice and explore the local area once again. For those who are interested in this type of holiday both now and in the years to come, then static caravans for sale are available in parks across the country. Whether you prefer to be based near the coast, in the countryside or near some exciting activity centres, you can be confident that there’s the perfect holiday home for you. However, there will be some differences in the caravan experience this year.

Caravan Sites Reopen

Caravan sites were allowed to reopen from July 4th, so long as strict regulations have been put in place to support cleanliness. Shared facilities need to adhere to high levels of hygiene – in particular, areas such as water points, waste points and washing up stations must be continuously cleaned and monitored for health and safety. Hand sanitiser dispensers may be available, but holidayers should also bring their own bottle to allow them to move safely around public spaces.

Staggered Times

The government has provided extensive guidelines for caravan clubs and sites. One of the suggestions is for owners to implement staggered or booked time slots when using shared facilities or to clean out their chemical toilets. This will require holiday guests to be more organised than usual during their vacation but will aim to minimise any possible spread of the virus as there will be less crowding and bottlenecking on site.

Enhanced Social Distancing

Caravan companies are urged to erect gazebo areas outside of their reception areas so that as much interaction can be conducted outdoors as possible. Social distancing markers will be placed around the site as a reminder to keep apart from other people. In some cases, wildlife corridors have been grown as a visual reminder – these are 2 metre sections of overgrown grass to act as a boundary whilst providing extra space for creatures such as hedgehogs to roam in.

Onsite Shops

If your caravan park has an onsite or nearby shop, then remember that it is mandatory to wear a face mask when visiting. You’ll also need to abide by the individual shop’s social distancing requirements. Some caravan site shops are operating on an order and collect basis only, meaning that customers will telephone in with their requirements for essential items only. These can then be picked up in a safe manner which facilitates social distancing requirements. Contactless payment methods should also be used.

Your caravan holiday may look slightly different this year, but it’s still a fantastic opportunity to take a break at a time when it’s needed the most.

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