What You Need To Know Before A Commercial Demolition Project

All the important stuff about commercial demolition

Commercial demolition is the act of demolishing any commercial property, such as hotels, offices, shopping centres and factories. This may seem simple, but there’s actually a lot to consider. Ensuring all processes are done safely and in line with regulations is essential and figuring out the plan of action can be complicated, so using an expert firm like Mac Demolition Ltd is paramount.

These large scales operations are more complicated than residential demolition projects and, due to the size of the buildings, can require big machines and explosives. Here’s all the things to think about when planning a commercial demolition project…

You must do a risk assessment

It’s a legal requirement to carry out a thorough risk assessment before demolishing anything. This is crucial to identifying risks such as hazardous materials, like dust and asbestos, or connected services such as gas and electricity. You should aim to eliminate risks where possible or implement strategies to reduce them in a safe and controlled manner.

Your local government may require you to undertake further precautions, such as permits and approval from certain specialists, so you need to check these details.

Methods of demolition

There are multiple ways to demolish a building and you will need to make a decision (with the help of the demolition company you’ve hired) about which ones to use based of their advantages and disadvantages. These methods include:

Mechanical demolition

This broad group covers all the heavy machinery such as bulldozers, wrecking balls and the high reach arm. This method is generally the most affordable and is fast. Mechanical demolition does produce a few hazards such as dust, high noise levels, vibration to nearby buildings which in extreme cases can cause collapse and disruption to the public.

Selective demolition

This is the process of dismantling the building one piece at a time. The main attraction of the method is that it allows you to salvage materials to recycle into future projects. As you can imagine this method is much more time consuming than mechanical demolition. This technique is safer with fewer risks.


This is the most aggressive method of demolition and is usually used for large projects in urban areas. Explosives are strategically placed inside the building and detonated to cause the building to collapse from the inside out. This requires specialist blaster crews as the placement of the explosives and the timing of detonation is incredibly important to the building collapsing safely and successfully. Risks include noise pollution, flying debris and damage to nearby buildings, but it can be a very fast way to complete demolition.

Plan the tidy-up

Ensure you have planned the removal of all the rubble and destroyed materials. Not every demolition company provides a clean-up service as standard so it’s good practice to check before the work starts and make other arrangements if necessary.

Choosing the right way to demolish your commercial property can be difficult so carefully consider your options weighing up the pros and cons. Ensure you’re following all the rules and regulations and making safety a priority.

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