Which Energy Efficient Windows Are Best For Your Home?

Windows make your home lighter, more homely, more pleasant. But here’s the deal: they are also responsible for some significant energy loss. In fact, the best way to make your home more energy-efficient remains to change up your windows. This step requires some effort and money, but it is well worth it in terms of the energy that you’ll be able to save. So which windows are best suited for your home? Let’s find out!

Double Glazed Windows

The first thing that comes into most people’s mind when they hear about energy efficient windows is double glazing windows. Double glazed windows are made up of two panes of glass, as opposed to just one. In between the panes of glass, there is an area of air that actually provides some good insulation. The result is a window that loses a lot less energy, when compared to a single glazed one. In the winter, they can keep your home warm and stop energy from escaping…but they actually help your home stay cool in the summer as well!

Triple Glazed Windows

Triple glazed windows are the next step to double glazed windows, and they offer some of the best insulation that they can find. They function in much the same way as double glazing windows do, using several panes of glass with air in between to guarantee better insulation. Triple glazed windows are also some of the most expensive energy efficient windows that you can instal…but if cost is not an issue, they are one of the best ways to save up on energy in your home.

Gas Filled Windows

Double and triple glazed windows essentially function by insulating your windows through the air that is trapped in between the two or three panes of glass. But what if that air was changed for an even more energy efficient gas? Gas filled windows are a newcomer on the market of energy efficient windows, but they certainly are making waves. They use argon, krypton or xenon gas in between window panes that help to keep condensation in the window to a minimum, and to insulate it further.

Fixed Windows

Finally, it’s not only the material of your window but also the way that it opens that will determine energy loss in your home. For example, sliding windows or windows that open all the way are responsible for a lot of lost energy because it’s hard to fully insulate their fixtures. As a result, the places in which they open are their weak point, and they lose a lot of energy through there. The solution? A fixed window that doesn’t open can be one of the most energy efficient types of windows. Of course they won’t be suitable for every room, but if there are windows that you never open in your home, consider switching them up for fixed windows: they can really make a difference.

Everybody wants beautiful, large windows in their home…but nobody wants the energy loss that comes with it! Fortunately, there are a couple of ways that you can make your windows more energy efficient, either by switching up the glazing, or changing the way that it opens. Double glazed, triple glazed, gas filled and fixed windows are all good options that are worth considering to boost the energy efficiency of your home.



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