Why Good Food Should be a Core Part of Every Business Meeting

The Right Refreshments Will Help You Get the Most Out of Meetings

Business meetings can be a drag. Try using a little food psychology to help make yours a success.

“I do love a good business meeting, particularly when it is right on lunchtime,” said nobody, ever. Most people have the distinct feeling that sitting around a table in the conference room is not the best use of their time, and drag themselves in with the look of a puppy being taken to the vet. Once in, it is a matter of time before the phones are being fiddled with, and the participants are focused on anything other than the matter under discussion.

In this age of teamwork and collaboration, it seems strange that the meeting is something that is stuck in the 20th century. But perhaps there is something you can do about it. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but here’s a secret. Food is an equally persuasive tool both sexes, so next time you are planning a meeting in the capital, perhaps lunch catering in London needs to be the first thing you think about when drawing up the agenda.

A meeting to look forward to

It might sound like the sort of psychology you would use on a small child, but let’s face it, there’s a little bit of the seven year old in all of us. If people know there is going to be some tasty food laid on, the meeting will become something to be anticipated, not dreaded.

But there is more to it that simply bribing people with the promise of food to make them turn up. There are some tangible benefits to laying on something healthy and nutritious, and your meeting will be all the more successful for it.

Boosting productivity

We eat to give us energy, but some foods are more effective than others. A burger or a sugary snack grabbed in a 10 minute lunch break will give a boost, but it won’t last long, and it can actually leave you feeling more lethargic and tired than before.

It has been proven time and again that healthy, nutritious and balanced food provides an energy boost that keeps us going for longer. Better still, it boosts cognitive performance. Feed them well and the team will be raring to go and bursting with ideas!

Improving team dynamics

Eating together builds connections, you only have to think of meals with family and friends to see that. Enjoying a tasty lunch as part of the meeting provides an opportunity for everyone to relax and get to know one another better. And a team that gets along socially is going to work far more cohesively. Often, some of the best ideas will come up while you are chatting idly over food.

Showing appreciation

There’s no rule to say you have to provide food at a meeting, and your colleagues and workforce are well aware of the fact. Doing so sends a signal that they are appreciated, and can you think of any better motivator than that?

It is no secret that people are more productive and creative when they are enjoying their work. Providing the right catering at your next meeting is a small investment that will generate some great returns, so give it a try.


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