Although it may be down to your customers to secure their personal possessions during a workout, the latest locker security tech will impress them!

Now that the beginning of the year rush has subsided, gym owners need to try harder to attract more signups throughout the rest of 2020. Unfortunately, there have been widespread reports across the country about an increase in gym thefts, with valuable items ranging from cars to luxury jewellery being stolen from fitness centre locker rooms. If you’re trying to entice new customers to your gym, then investing in sophisticated locker technology will prove to people that you’re prepared to go the extra mile to offer them security of their belongings.


How often do you see someone in the locker room struggling with their padlock and too embarrassed to ask for help? This type of obstacle can put some of your customers off wanting to return to the gym. But with gym lockers that are operational by card access, this is a much easier system to introduce into your fitness centre. A card can easily be stored in your pocket – they’re also easy to replace and reissue when your security needs change. However, if you’d rather be card-free, then you could instead opt for the Releezme mobile app which enables your gym users to open their locker simply by entering a pin code into their smartphone app. That’s one less thing for them to have to carry around the gym as they work out. This is also really useful at swimming pools where customers don’t want to carry a key or a card into the pool with them.


Basic lockers can be easy for thieves to pry open if the hinges are on the outside and they have access to a few basic tools. Advanced security lockers include integrated hinges which aren’t visible externally. Once unlocked, you simply push the locker door to open them. If a criminal attempts to break in without using the necessary access requirements, then an internal intruder alarm will sound out to alert others to the attempted theft.


If you advertise yourselves as a flexible gym, then it’s important to have flexible access solutions too. If you’re open 24 hours a day, then you can also provide your gym goers with a key card or code that works for building access as well as locker security. If your locker availability is particularly tight, and you want to prioritise space for your premium members, then it’s simple to set access levels to ensure that certain categories of gym goers can always be guaranteed a top spot. Similarly, if you run a chain of fitness businesses, then you can arrange for your locker access to be set up so that an individual gym user is provided with a locker space at each of the fitness centres they visit, without the need for setting up individual security settings for each.

If it’s time to bring your locker room up-to-date and help your customers to safeguard their possessions, then there’s no time like the present to invest in the latest locker security technology. Any potential customers visiting your gym will be impressed by the robust security on offer.

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