Why Too Much Screen Time is Not Good for Your Kid Eyes

In the digital era, almost everyone is using a smartphone regardless of age. Increased use of smartphone is a growing concern among ourselves due to the health risks it can pose, particularly kids whose bodies are still growing and developing. Staring at the smartphone or any other electronic media for too long can ruin your kid’s visual development, and that’s why it’s essential to limit the number of hours he/she uses a smartphone. Consider taking your kid to Opticians Witham Essex for eye checkup if he/she has been using a smartphone as this will help you to find out if she has any vision related issues and how to address them if any.


Smartphones are known to emit blue light and too much exposure to this light can cause serious damage to your kid’s eye vision. Eye strain, fatigue, and headache are some of the problems caused by exposure to excessive blue light. Studies have revealed that kids who spend more than 2 hours staring at the screens are likely to experience frequent eye strain and headaches as well.

At first, these symptoms don’t seem strange, but afterwards, they can worsen to the extent of ruining your kid eye health and thus the need to visit Opticians Witham Essex for treatment and advise.

Eye dryness

Apart from causing severe eye strain, continuous exposure to screen light can cause eyes to dry out. Electronic devices that emit light, including smartphones and computers are known to lower the rate at which eyes blink therefore causing eyes to dry out since there is not sufficient moisture supplied by the blinking to the eyes.

Total vision loss

Blue light can expose your child to the risk of developing various eye disorders which can cause permanent blindness. Muscular degeneration is one of the disorders that when contracted, can lead to permanent loss of vision. Continuous exposure to screen light can pose a threat to the kid’s visual health as it enhances the risk for eye illnesses such as macular degeneration.

Impact on sleep

Besides the vision health, too much exposure to screen light can affect the way your kid’s sleep. Studies have revealed that the use of devices emitting blue light during the evening adjusts the brain sleeping patterns. The brain tends to mistake the light emitted by the screen to the daytime light and tends to alter the circadian body pattern. This may cause the child to take long before falling asleep.


Kids using smartphones tend to spend most of their time indoors. Natural daylight is very crucial to eyes, especially when they are still developing. Kids need to spend their time outdoors playing for the benefit of their body health and that of the eyes.

There is a revelation that kids who stay indoors for long hours are likely to develop myopia (also known as short-sightedness). The cause of myopia has not yet been discovered, but scientists believe that UV light is a requirement for the development of healthy eyes. Children suffering from this eye disorder is continually increasing now and then since most kids are spending most of their time indoors while using electronic devices such as smartphones and computers which emit blue light which is a concern to the development of healthy eyes.

If you’re wondering where to take your kid for an eye checkup, opticians Witham Essex is the first place that should come into your mind. They boast over 50 years of experience provision of eye care and other optical services. This is an indication that their opticians are highly experienced and knowledgeable about almost all kinds of eye problems. Their services are excellent, so do hesitate to refer your kid to opticians Witham Essex for an eye check-up or any other vision

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