Why Wedding Photography Is So Important For The Big Day

Treasure Those Special Moments For Years To Come

Booking a professional wedding photographer is an essential part of your wedding supplier line-up.

With the cost of a UK wedding reaching an average of £32,273 in 2018, we can all agree that weddings are expensive. Around three quarters of couples struggle to foot the bill themselves, turning to credit and family members to help them book the perfect suppliers for their big day. Naturally, with such expense on the table, many will look to trim those costs down by opting to skip their honeymoon, booking a DJ over a band, or travelling to France to pick-up cheaper booze for the reception. But one area that the bride and groom should never cut back on is wedding photography. A professional photographer is one of the most important bookings for your big day – here’s why.

Memories That Last A Lifetime

It’s a sad fact that after all those months or years of planning, your wedding day appears to zip by in a flash. Your photographs and videos will help you to remember everything from the big ‘I do’ moments, to the tiny details that put a smile on your face. Your favourite photos can be displayed proudly in your home as a visual reminder to share these stories with your children and grandchildren in the years to come.

Capture The Parts You Miss

Unfortunately, no-one can experience every single part of their own wedding day. The groom will never get to see their bride getting ready with her bridal party, and the bride usually misses out on the guests arriving to the venue. So, booking a professional photography team to cover all parts of the big day, ensures that you’ll get to experience the highlights of the entire day – even the bits you missed!

Blending Into The Background

Although couples often like to take the traditional wedding photos with various line-ups of family and friends, professional photographers are also excellent at capturing those more casual and intimate moments that take place during a wedding day. A quality photographer will blend into the background, so the guests aren’t really aware of being snapped – this allows them to relax and enjoy your wedding day, sharing smiles and laughter with one another that aren’t always caught in the more formal shots.

Creating Personal Mementos

A wonderful way to thank your guests for their attendance and thoughtful gifts is to create personalised cards and mementos. They also enable you to express your deepest gratitude to the best man and bridesmaids for helping with your celebrations. Wedding photography allows you to select your favourite shots and turn them into keepsakes to hand out as gifts.

Always Choose Professional Over Amateur

Have you got a friend or colleague who takes great photos? It can be really tempting to assign them the title of wedding photographer instead of hiring a professional. But this can be problematic – not only will an amateur likely not have access to a wide array of lenses, filters and editing equipment, but you’ll also want the assurance that your photos will be stored and backed up in case loss or damage occurs. Hiring a professional also allows you to see examples of weddings they’ve previously covered and read positive reviews from other happy couples.

Once you’ve made the wise decision to book a wedding photographer, be aware that time is of the essence. The best wedding photographer Essex professionals are booked up months in advance, so it’s essential that you lock in your favourite team well in advance of your big day.

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