Why You Should Always Hire A Plumber To Clear Your Drains

Drains and DIY don’t always mix so call in your local professional

A blocked drain or sink is a particular nuisance and it’s always tempting to have a go at clearing it yourself, but think carefully first as it’s possible for this type of DIY to cause more problems than it solves.

You will in most cases be better off calling in your local plumbing professional.

Why expert help is best

You may think a session with a plunger or one of the time honoured remedies of pouring baking soda down the plughole will sort a blocked sink so there’s no need to call a plumber, but think again.

While these may clear a basic sink blockage, it may not cure the overall problem and in some cases damage could result.

Better to call upon the services of a local expert, so if you’re in the west London area these Richmond plumbing professionals can soon help.

The blockage may not be what you think

Using baking soda to form an acidic-like concoction to remove a blockage is all very well, but what if the blockage isn’t what you think it is? Plumbers have found all sorts of weird and wonderful things when clearing drains.

You might assume it’s soap or food matter, but it could be something hard and maybe valuable such as a ring or other jewellery; using baking soda or – even worse – chemical drain unblocking liquid could ruin something valuable.

Your plumber will usually try to use a ‘natural’ method of unblocking as opposed to chemicals, and will have the right tools to safety unblock a variety of drains without causing damage to pipework and a valuable item if that’s what is causing the blockage.

Uncovering the underlying problem

If your sink blocks regularly it may be masking a deeper lying problem. Yes, you may be able to unblock it until the next time – but why not let an expert plumber get to the bottom of why it blocks regularly?

They can likely repair it so blockages are a thing of the past.

Avoiding chemicals

Drain unblocking chemicals are a typical method as a DIY unblocking solution.

To be fair chemical unblocks are often effective if it’s organic matter such as food waste but – since they’re acidic in the way they work – they may not stop at the blockage but could damage your pipes as well.

This spells problems for plastic piping and, even if the pipe isn’t perforated, it’s likely the chemical will have caused a weakness that may manifest itself over time.

There’s also the issue of chemicals getting into the main drainage system so not good for the environment.

Outside drains

If you detect a blockage outside the home you may be tempted to hire some drain rods and get busy, but again stop and think.

Identifying exactly where the blockage is isn’t a simple task; it may involve lifting one or more drainage inspection hatches and running water to see where it goes and so on. Your plumber has seen it all before and will quickly and efficiently locate the blockage site and have the necessary tools on hand to deal with it.

Spending hours outside with inspection hatches open so leaving drains exposed and drain rods lying around is potentially dangerous to you and your neighbours; a plumber can accomplish the task far quicker and safer.

Quick and safe

Some DIY jobs have a nasty habit of taking longer and often costing more than you think they might, and plumbing definitely falls into that category including unblocking drains, so make a call to your local professional.

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