How Will Web Design Change in 2018?

How Will Web Design Change in 2018.

2017 has seen some of the most impressive web design trends since the birth of the internet, from non-traditional navigation to heroic imagery.

In an ever-developing field, we’ve put together a list of trends that graphic designers in Essex should take note of to keep ahead of the game!

Mobile-first approach

Mobile devices have now been officially named as the primary device used for browsing the web, so we are expecting companies to create effective and quality content for a smaller screen. We predict designing for mobiles before larger screens will become a trend in 2018.

Bespoke illustrations

Illustrations create friendly visuals that add a fun element to a website. Brands are able to create a brand identity using bespoke illustrations, using it in large header images, custom iconography and animated visuals. We predict companies will be using bespoke illustrations in 2018 to bring a new life into their branding.

Video takes over

A moving image automatically captures the attention of a user and it is a versatile medium used for marketing and storytelling. Video is a modern twist on traditional photography and encourages greater levels of engagement. Many online authorities, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google, are using video to encourage growth in engagement.


Beautifully placed typography is known for being a powerful medium that creates personality, draw emotion and set an atmosphere. Brands are expected to push the limits of typography even further in 2018, appealing to users and attracting more customers as a result. Designers are expected to work with bold and beautiful typography, so users should expect to see more unique and hand-rendered typography to work with scrolling designs.


So, there we have it, our top 4 web design predictions for 2018. We can’t wait to see some core trends shine through in 2018 and beyond!

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