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If you are passionate about Essex, want to share advice about business or have something to share – we want to hear from you!


What subjects would interest the Essex Business Hub Community?

As you can see, Essex Business Hub regularly post content about business news topics in Essex, covering beauty, entertainment, finance, hospitality and technology – amongst a whole host of other subjects!

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Our rates for guest blogging on the Essex Business Hub

As long as your content is relevant and follows our guidelines, we’d love to hear from you! Please contact us via our contact page and we can provide you with our pricing structure.


What we look for in our Essex business guest blogs

  • We only accept well written content and will NOT publish content that is purely written for promotional purposes.
  • Each article must be well-researched with any statistics linking to the relevant reference.
  • All articles must be between X-X words (if the word count goes slightly over or under we will not penalise you for this).
  • Link to the homepage of your website or social media site must be within the article.
  • You must supply one image and include the rights to the image ownership.
  • Your article MUST be 100% unique and tailored for the Essex Business Hub audience.


The Essex Business Hub reserves the right to add, remove or edit any content within your article that we do not believe is useful or relevant to our readers.


Once you have read through our Essex business guest blogging guidelines and your content is ready to go, please send us over any details via our contact form.


We look forward to hearing from you!